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News and updates about Bilin

'Black Lives Matter' movement arrives in Israel

Delegation from radical organization visits Jewish state, joins in protests against Israeli 'genocide', condemns 'Zionist vigilantes'.

'Black Lives Matter' movement arrives in Israel

Terror Near Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway Down 80%

Operation Brother's Keeper and heightened activity since then is credited with bringing down number of attacks.

Terror Near Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway Down 80%

Bil'in: IDF Kills Terrorist Who Fired from Cave

The terrorist had holed up inside a cave and fired at special IDF and Shin Bet forces who carried out an arrest operation at Bil'in.

Bil'in: IDF Kills Terrorist Who Fired from Cave

No Charges in Arab Protester’s Death

Investigators can’t figure out who fired the tear gas canister that hit and killed an Arab man during a riot.

No Charges in Arab Protester’s Death

Fayyad Hurt by Tear Gas During Weekly Protest

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad among several Arabs who were hurt during a riot.

Fayyad Hurt by Tear Gas During Weekly Incitement Protest

Filmmaker: I Do Not Represent Israel

Director of Oscar-nominated anti-Israel film says the film is only “technically” Israeli, hopes film wins so “world will see reality.”

Filmmaker: I Do Not Represent Israel

Gov't Sec'y: No More Coddling Leftists at Bilin

Secretary Tzvi Hauser says Netanyahu was "shocked" to learn of mosque torching but says leftist violence must also end.

Gov't Secretary: No More Coddling Leftists at Bilin

Bilin Protests: Money, Money

The real reason for Bilin riots is that protesters earn cash for throwing stones, says the IDF, which is relocating the fence, the supposed cause.

‘Money Makes the Bilin Protests Go ‘Round’player

Bili'in Barrier Being Dismantled

The Bili'in separation fence, over which PA Arabs have rioted every Friday for months, is being dismantled and rerouted.

Bili'in Separation Fence Being Dismantled, Rerouted

Will Bil'in Protests Now Stop?

IDF begins razing security fence section that has been the focus of violent Arab demonstrations for six years. CNN's report is noteworthy.

Removing the Reason for Bil'in Protests

Video: Rioters Stone Soldiers

A Border Police guard was hospitalized Friday when 300 rioters attacked IDF forces at the security fence at Bil’in, near Modi’in.

Video Shows Violent Riot against IDF at Security Fence  player

Is This a Peaceful Protest?

For years, world media has been duping its viewers with claims that Bil'in riots are peaceful. Let's go to the videotape.

IDF Films, You Decide: Is This a Peaceful Protest?player

Tear Gas Death 'a Hoax'

An IDF investigation found that Jawaher Abu Rahma actually died of cancer, and was not even at the protest where she supposedly inhaled tear gas.

Story about Woman Killed by Tear Gas is a Hoax, Says IDF

Photos Prove Protest Violence

Photos of leftist-Arab Bil’in fence protest disprove media claims of Arab "non-violence”. PA Prime Minister Fayyad participated in demonstration.

Photos Disprove Claims of ’Non-Violent’ Fence Protest

PA Blames Israel for Death

The PA is blaming Israel for the death of a woman in a violent riot. IDF surprised, says woman was only lightly hurt.

PA Blames Israel for Woman's Death; IDF Surprised

Bil'in Organizer to Year in Jail

Military court sentences Abdullah Abu Rahma, organizer of riots favored by foreign leftists, to 12 months in jail. Prosecution asked for two years.

Bil'in Riot Organizer Gets One Year in Jail

Left Livid Over Bilin, Naalin

New Israel Fund's human rights groups think the military is abusing rioters by taking action against the weekly violent hate-fest against the IDF.

Left is Livid: IDF Turning Bilin, Naalin to Closed IDF Zones

Violent Protests Shut Down

Two sites at which weekly violent protests against Israel's Judea and Samaria barrier are held have been declared a closed military zone.

Sites of Violent Anti-Barrier Protests Closed

Olive Trees Replanted at Barrier

IDF carries out court order to replant olive trees, after relocation of the security fence at Bilin. Arabs then tried to overstep planting limits.

IDF Supervises Replanting Olive Trees at Separation Barrier

‘War Crime’ Suit for Yesha Homes

Is it a “war crime” to build for Jews in Yesha? An Arab village wants a Canadian court to convict a construction firm that “conspired with Israel."

‘War Crime’ Suit against Canadian Firm that Builds in Yesha