News and updates about Bibi-tours

Netanyahu blasts media over Comptroller report

Netanyahu has harsh criticism for Channel 10's failure to ask for his comment about the State Comptroller’s report on "Bibi-Tours".

Netanyahu blasts media over coverage of Comptroller report

Comptroller report on Bibi-Tours scandal expected

New documents tied to 'Bibi-Tours' scandal to be released as part of state comptroller's report.

Comptroller: PM may be criminally liable in Bibi-Tours scandal

Mammoth Libel Suit on Bibi-Tours

Netanyahu, hounded for years by a media campaign against him, fights back with a $3.5 million suit over what he calls the worst libel in 60 years.

Netanyahu Sues Channel 10 for $3.5 Million on Bibi-Tours ‘Lies’

Bibi-Tours Affair Marches On

Channel 10 says it has proof Prime Minister Netanyahu double billed on a 2006 trip; Livni takes aim at Likud; Bibi denies wrong-doing.

Channel 10 Says It Can Prove Double Billing By PM

Peres Defends PM's Travels

Peres asks: avoid character assassination of prime minister's wife, children.

President Defends Netanyahu's Travels