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Left and Right-Wing Demonstrators Lock Heads in Jerusalemplayer

Left, Right-Wing Activists Lock Heads in Jerusalem

Dozens of activists on both the right and left protested in Jerusalem's Zion Square Monday night over the IDF's operation in Gaza.

Court Frees Ben-Gvir from Terror’ Charges, Mocks Prosecution

Court: No Evidence that Ben-Gvir Tied with Terror

A Jerusalem court reprimanded state prosecutors and ruled that nationalist Itamar Ben-Gvir is not connected with any terror group.

Freedom of Protest? Not for Nationalist Jews in Yafo

Police Limit Yafo Demo

Police want to limit Zionist march, nationalists remind High Court that the police placed no such restriction on Arab-leftist demonstrations.

Ben Gvir Barred from Practicing Law

Bar Bars Ben Gvir

Well-known nationalist's political activity cited - but an Arab terrorist is allowed to practice law in Israel.

High Court: Leftists May Tour Hevron, Nationalists May Not

Only Leftists May Tour Hevron

High Court rejected motion by nationalists to allow them to conduct study tours of the city, like radical leftists do.

Nationalists Try to Attack Abu Tir

Nationalists Accost Abu Tir

Activists led by Itamar Ben Gvir broke into the compound where Abu Tir was being questioned by police.

PM Hoped to Nix Shiloach March; Police: March is On

PM: Stop Shiloach March

Activists say Netanyahu's intervention with Ministry of Public Security is illegal. Police told organizers US envoy Mitchell opposes the march.

Police OK with Nationalist March in Shiloach

Jewish March in Shiloach OKed

Sunday's march will be limited to 70 people and a 700 meter route; weapons will be banned.