News and updates about Beinisch

Netanyahu says Goodbye to Beinisch

Prime Minister thanks controversial Supreme Court president for "long, courageous" and "wonderful" service.

Netanyahu says Goodbye to Beinisch

PM Folds on Bar Association Bill

Prime Minister Netanyahu backed off from presenting the Bar Association Bill for its final Knesset vote, after a media blitz by the left.

PM Folds on Bar Association Bill

Court Ombudsman: Beinisch-NIF Meeting Just Fine

Judicial system's ombudsman says there was no ethical problem with Supreme Court President hosting NIF heads.

Ombudsman: Beinisch-NIF-Ford Foundation Meeting Just Fine

Chief JusticeFed Up with Critics

High Court Chief Justice Dorit Beinisch railed at critics Wednesday and charged that “incitement” is undermining the judiciary.

Chief Justice Fed Up with Criticism, Calls it Incitement

MK Levin: Court System Rotten, Needs 'Root Canal'

House Committee Chairman MK Yariv Levin: "I want judges in the courts, not people who see themselves as prime ministers."

MK Levin: Court System Rotten, Needs 'Root Canal' Job

38 MKs and Ministers: Stop Beinisch Demolitions

Nearly 1/3 of Knesset asks Netanyahu to prevent further destruction of Jewish property in Judea, Samaria before Court President retires.

38 MKs and Ministers Demand: Stop Beinisch Demolition Derby

Migron Protest Outside Court

Twenty-four hours after the demolition of three structures in Migron, protest arrives at High Court's doorstep.

Migron Protest Outside High Court

Grunis to Replace Beinisch?

Bill by MK Yaakov Katz could mean that Judge Asher Grunis would replace Dorit Beinisch as Supreme Court President in February.

Grunis Might Replace Beinisch

Supreme Court "Gang" Heading Out

Beinisch’s term ends in 8 months and the Minister of Justice is postponing new appointments till then, says Yoav Yitzchak.

Supreme Court "Gang" Heading Out, Says Leading Journalist

Leniency for Shoe Thrower?

Pinchas Cohen was sentenced to three years in jail after hurling a shoe at the Supreme Court president.

Court May Shorten Sentence of Man Who Threw Shoe at Beinisch

High Court Shows Clear Bias

Detailed stats back up claims that the Supreme Court and Chief Justice Benisch give blatant preferential treatment to left-wing associations.

High Court Bias Against Jewish Construction

Beinisch Prefers Leftwing Groups

The Regavim Association has issued a report showing that the Supreme Court gives blatant preferential treatment to left-wing associations.

Study Shows that Beinisch Prefers Left-Wing Groups

Beinisch Calls to Uproot Critics

Those who questioned the Supreme Court over the Emanuel affair may face investigation, charges.

Supreme Court Critics Under Investigation

'Israel Needs a Constitution'

Supreme Court President Beinisch calls for an Israeli constitution, says courts need more funding.

Beinisch: Israel Needs a Constitution

Court Foot-Dragging Targeted

Cases that drag on for years? The Supreme Court is trying to change this by enforcing stricter guidelines for judicial postponements.

Courts Clamp Down on Judicial Foot-Dragging

Beinisch: Keep Judges Safe

Supreme Court President Beinisch remembers slain judge, calls to protect court system 'so judges can do their work without fear.'

Beinisch: Keep Israel's Judges Safe

Take Kashrut from Supreme Court

Chief Rabbi Amar asks the Knesset to limit the Supreme Court's ability to interfere in matters of Jewish Law.

Chief Rabbi to Knesset: Take Supreme Court Out of Kashrut

Court: No Deal for Shalit Yet

Supreme Court President tells petitioning fathers: details cannot be published because there is no deal yet.

Supreme Court tells Bereaved Fathers: No Deal for Shalit Yet