News and updates about BND

Germany: Snowden wanted to help Russia

German intelligence chiefs express suspicion NSA whistleblower focusing on Western actions.

Germany: Snowden wanted to help Russia, not fight injustice

Report: Germany spying on Netanyahu, US military

German newspaper reveals that BND spy agency keeping tabs on Israeli Prime Minister, US military, and other friendly governments.

Report: Germany spying on Netanyahu, US military

German, Syrian intelligence fighting Islamism

BND agents regularly traveling to Damascus to exchange information, report says.

German, Syrian intelligence fighting Sunni jihadists together

Report: Hezbollah Admitted Assad Was Behind Attack

German intelligence says it intercepted a phone call in which Hezbollah official admitted that Assad gassed his own people.

Report: Hezbollah Admitted that Assad Was Behind Chemical Attack

German Intelligence: Assad Behind Chemical Attack

German intelligence has enough evidence to conclude that Assad ordered the chemical attack in Damascus, reports Der Spiegel.

German Intelligence Concludes Assad is Behind Chemical Attack