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Israel working to redeem property in Arab world

Israel on verge of recovering millions in lost Jewish property in Arab countries, Iran.

Israel secretly working to redeem Jewish property in Arab world

Likud MK urges olim to move to Judea, Samaria

Immigration Committee chair tours Binyamin Region and praises communities in Judea, Samaria for successful absorption rates.

Likud MK urges olim to move to Judea, Samaria

New Israel-Africa Knesset caucus launched

Netanyahu says time has come for Israel-Africa strategic alliance; 'Israel is coming back to Africa; Africa is coming back to Israel.'

New Knesset caucus will bring Israel and Africa closer

Knesset predicts 10,000 new French Jewish olim

Immigration Committee meets European Jewish leaders, anticipates 3,200 olim from US, 7,000 from Russia, 7,400 from Ukraine.

Knesset predicts 10,000 French Jewish olim this year

Ethiopian Aliyah Continues, Official Insists

Ethiopian Jewish community leader notes that despite reports that Aliyah has ended, dozens still arrive every month.

Despite Claims, Official Insists Ethiopian Aliyah Continues

Ethiopian Leader: Embrace the Ethiopian Community

Avraham Negosa, a leader of Ethiopian Jewry in Israel: It's hard for Ethiopians to adapt to life in Israel. They should be embraced.

Ethiopian Leader: Embrace the Ethiopian Community