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Avraham Asher Hasno

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Terrorist became 'mister,' they murdered us twice

Ruti Hasno, widow of Avraham Hasno, tells Arutz Sheva about her heartbreaking Passover and struggle for justice against husband's killer.

The terrorist became 'mister,' they murdered us twice

'This phone call murdered us again'

Tense phone call between military prosecutor and Hasno's widow revealed: 'he was murdered, on what basis did you charge manslaughter?'

'This phone call murdered us again'

'Home demolition doesn't console, life for a life'

Daughter of Avraham Hasno calls IDF measurements of terrorist's home 'absurd'; her 'destroyed' family faces a hard Passover.

'Home demolition doesn't console us - a life for a life'

Hasno's widow: 'Throw the filth out of Israel'

Praising special forces for capture of her husband's murderer, Ruti Hasno calls to demolish his house and expel the terrorist's family.

Hasno's widow demands: Throw terrorist 'filth' out of Israel

Hasno's murderer caught nearly 5 months later

IDF special forces together with ISA capture Arab terrorist who brutally ran down Avraham Hasno in mid-October.

Avraham Hasno's murderer caught nearly 5 months later

Grandson named after terror victim

Over 4.5 months after Avraham Hasno was brutally murdered, joy mixes with grieving as grandson born but murderer is still free.

Grandson named after terror victim, murderer still at large

'Duma suspects tortured, Hasno's murderer free'

Avraham Hasno's widow lambasts authorities for letting his murderer remain free in Hevron nearly 3 months later, slams silence from MKs.

'Duma suspects tortured, Hasno's murderer walks free'

Man run over by Arab recognized as terror victim

Avraham Asher Hasno's family to receive state-funded benefits for bereaved families two weeks after brutal murder.

Israeli run over by Arab driver recognized as terror victim

Arabs Celebrate Jew's Death With 'Inhuman Cruelty'

Shocked paramedic describes how dozens of Arabs clapped as he unsuccessfully tried to save Avraham Hasno's life.

Arabs Celebrated Jew's Death With 'Inhuman Cruelty'

'Authorities Refused to Give Terror Victim a Gun'

Hevron activist Baruch Marzel reveals Avraham Hasno, who was killed in Arab terror attack, was refused a gun by the government.

'Authorities Refused to Give Terror Victim a Gun'