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Jewish Media Group Expanding to Israel

The Jewish Media Group advertising firm is expanding its markets to include Israel, its CEO, Jess Dolgin, says.

Jewish Media Group Expanding to Israel

Terrorisא in Murder Plot Sues for 'Defamation'

An Arab terrorist who was convicted of plotting to murder former Sephardic Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef is suing Arutz Sheva for 'defamation'

Terrorist Nabbed for Plot to Kill R. Yosef Sues for 'Defamation'

The History of Arutz Sheva - The Music Department

Veteran music department staff recall how Arutz Sheva's airplay was at one time considered revolutionary.

A7 History - Arutz Sheva's Pioneering Spirit in Israeli Music

Sale of Maariv Feather in Cap of National Camp

A court’s approval Tuesday of the sale of Maariv to a religious publisher is a feather in the cap of the national religious community.

Sale of Maariv Feather in Cap of National Camp

Arutz Sheva Triggered U.S. Worries on EMP Strike

London Times notes spy agencies' 'growing concerns' were set off by article on this page they think was written by Israeli officials.

Arutz Sheva Op-Ed Triggered U.S. Worries on Iran EMP Strike

Walter Bingham Lived, and Knows, Jewish History

Walter Bingham's unique perspective on Jewish life and Israel, as heard on his Arutz 7 radio show, is the result of his rich background

Walter Bingham Knows Jewish History, Because He Lived It

INN Goes Hollywood, Mentioned in Top CBS Series

Arutz Sheva goes to Hollywood, with a prominent mention on the CBS series "The Good Wife."

INN Goes Hollywood - Gets Mention in Top Rated CBS Series

UNRWA-Bedein Controversy Rages On

UNRWA spokesman sends scathing retort to Bedein via Arutz Sheva; Bedein does not let the ink on his claims dry for long.

UNRWA-Bedein Controversy Rages On - Part III: No Retractions

Graphic Makeover for A7

A new wide-page design for Arutz Sheva’s English language website is about to go online, as readership grows.

Arutz Sheva's New Look -- It's Coming

A-7 Goes Where Others Don't

The popularity of Arutz-Sheva/Israel NationalNews doubled in 2009 as people sought to read the news that other media distort or bury.

The Arutz-Sheva Stories That Others Don't Cover

Paper Affected Author’s Politics

Journalist Ellen Horowitz said on Arutz Sheva's Shevathon that the Jerusalem Post during the Oslo War told her to stop writing about politics.

Journalist Reveals that Paper's Politics Affected Articles

Rabbi Melamed Blesses Supporters

Rabbi Zalman Melamed, founder of Arutz Sheva, Dean of the Beit El Yeshiva, and co-Chief Rabbi of Beit El - blesses the supporters of Arutz Sheva

Shevathon News: Rabbi Zalman Melamed Blesses Supportersplayer

Good News for Book Lovers

Arutz Sheva has launched a new book review section that will give readers a glimpse into several fun, engaging and uplifting titles each week.

New! Book Review Section on Arutz Sheva

Arutz 7 Wins $33,000 Libel Suit

A court has awarded Arutz 7 $33,000 for libel and financial injury caused by Border Police for breaking a journalist’s camera and spreading lies.

Arutz 7 Wins $33,000 Libel Suit against Border Police

Indor Rebukes Sderot Conference

Arutz Sheva radio show host criticizes social issues conference organizers for not allowing victims of terrorism to have a voice.

Meir Indor Lashes Out at Sderot Conference

Street to be Named for Zik

The Jerusalem Street Names Committee has decided to name a street after former Arutz 7 radio host Adir Zik z"l

Committee Approves Street Naming for Adir Zik

Olmert Buries New "Arutz-7 Law"

Min. Ehud Olmert told the Knesset Economics Committee that he plans to freeze the proposed law for three new "designated radio stations."

Olmert Buries New "Arutz-7 Law"

Supreme Court Nullifies Knesset's Arutz-7 Law

The Supreme Court nullified a duly-passed Knesset law this morning. The 1999 law stated that Arutz-7 was entitled to receive a license.

Supreme Court Nullifies Knesset's Arutz-7 Law