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Israel Ready as 'Global Leader' in Alternate Fuels

Netanyahu announces winner of largest cash prize in world to advance alternate transportation fuels.

Israel Ready to be 'Global Leader' in Alternative Fuels

Romney Has Written Off The Environmentalists

Mitt Romney has unveiled his energy policy of increased oil drilling off the coasts and on federal lands.

In Energy Policy Romney Plays To All His Strengths

US Energy Delegation in Israel

US energy specialists are in Israel to discuss the nation’s top breakthroughs in the field of renewable, alternative energy.

US Energy Specialists in Israel for Update on New Advances

Leap Toward Wind, Solar Energy

Israel gets more "green" energy in the form of wind and solar installations in Judea, Negev.

New Wind and Solar Projects to Add Energy

Goodbye to 96-Octane Petrol

Ministers meet to discuss fuel, agree to get rid of 96-octane petrol and seek flex fuel vehicles and non-gas alternatives.

Goodbye to 96-Octane Petrol