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Fugitive Lebanese Islamist 'To Surrender'

Former wedding-singer-turned-Islamist returns to 'normal life', possibly after deal with Lebanese security organizations.

Fugitive Lebanese Islamist 'To Surrender'

Lebanese Bomber Identified as 'Palestinian'

One of the two suicide bombers who targeted Iran’s embassy in Beirut was a “Palestinian with links to a militant Islamist preacher”.

Second Lebanese Bomber Identified as 'Palestinian'

Sheikh: Beirut Explosion Because of Hezbollah

The Lebanese Sunni Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir says that last week's explosion in Beirut was a result of Hezbollah’s “crimes in Syria.”

Sunni Sheikh: Beirut Explosion Because of Hezbollah Crimes

UN Concerned as Lebanon Violence Continues

UN Secretary General expresses concern over the sectarian violence in Lebanon, which has intensified in recent days.

UN Concerned as Lebanon Sectarian Violence Continues

Lebanon: 6 Killed in Clashes with Radicals

Six Lebanese soldiers killed in a clash with supporters of a radical Sunni Muslim sheikh opposed to Hizbullah.

Lebanon: Six Killed as Military Clashes with Radicals