Shortly before 4:00pm, an Arab suicide bomber made his way into the market in the northern city and detonated explosives he carried on his person. The initial police investigation points to a white vehicle that may have transported the terrorist to the Hadera market. Reports that the terrorist was a woman were later denied.

Four people were pronounced dead at the site of the attack, while the fifth victim died on the operating table at Hillel Yaffe Hospital in Hadera. The many wounded, five of whom are listed in very serious condition, were evacuated to local hospitals.

The Islamic Jihad has claimed responsibility for the murderous attack in Hadera. Though the organization has said it would avenge last week's killing of top terrorist Luis Saadi, it is doubtful whether such an attack could have been arranged on such short notice. It is therefore assumed that this attack against Israel was in planning long before Saadi's death.

According to Israel Radio, the suicide bomber, 20-year-old Hassan Abu Zeid of Qabatiyeh, was released from an Israeli prison a month ago.

This was at least the 4th murderous terror attack in Hadera since the Palestinian Authority instigated the Oslo War five years ago. Previous attacks in the city:

* In Nov. 2000, two people were killed by a car-bomb in the city.

* In Oct. 2001, four women were killed by PA policemen from Jenin who opened random fire on a crowded street from inside a car.

* In Jan. 2002, a terrorist entered a Bat Mitzvah celebration and opened random fire, killing six.

Several bombs were detonated in the city during this period, but without murderous results. In May 2001, for instance, a car bomb exploded on a crowded Hadera street, but the only person killed was the driver of the car bomb himself.

In other terrorism incidents over the holiday, two 20-kilogram (44-lb.) explosives were found and neutralized near the fence surrounding northern Gaza... An IDF position was fired at from southern Gaza... For the third time in several weeks, terrorists fired at an IDF position near N'vei Tzuf, in the Binyamin region; an Arab was hurt by the army's return fire... Two firebombs were hurled at an Israeli car near the Tapuach junction; no one was hurt... In a clash with terrorists in Jenin, an IDF vehicle was damaged.

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