Haruv Battalion soldiers searched a house in a village near Shechem early Saturday after receiving reports that ammunition was hidden there, according to Lt.-Col. Arik Chen. They discovered 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of explosives in a suitcase and arrested five terrorists.

Noticing that Aziza Jawabra, the wife of one of the terrorists, was holding her one-month-old baby in an unusual manner, the troops searched her and found a grenade in a jacket she was wearing.

"To see a woman using her baby to hide a grenade is not typical," Lt.-Col. Chen said. "She didn't have much to say," he added, except to deny knowing that the grenade was in the jacket. After soldiers arrested the terrorists, sappers blew up the explosives, which destroyed the three-story building.

"I can firmly confirm that an attack against soldiers and civilians has been thwarted. Terror activities have not stopped for a minute," Lt.-Col. Chen added.

In separate incidents over the weekend, the IDF killed four Arab terrorists. Soldiers opened fire at two terrorists who were placing an explosive device on a road near the community of Ne've Tzuf Saturday night. One terrorist was killed and the other escaped.

Friday night, soldiers killed two Arab terrorists who shot at their base near the village of Anabta near Tulkarm, which overlooks the high-speed Highway 6, about five miles east of Netanya. One of the terrorists was armed with a hunting rifle. Soldiers also killed a terrorist who shot at them while on patrol near Shechem.

Arabs identified the Shechem terrorist as a 21-year-old member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

Troops also arrested 11 Hamas terrorists in Hevron.