The event, sponsored by Tebeka, the Legal Aid Center for Ethiopian Jewry, will also discuss ways to maintain and strengthen communal identity among the Ethiopian community.

Some 105,000 members of the Ethiopian Jewish community are currently living in Israel, including 28,000 Sabras, i.e., those who were born in Israel.

Among the guests will be former Justice Minister Dan Meridor, Canada's Justice Minister Irwin Cotler, past North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry president Joseph Feit, and Uri Lubrani, a former Israeli Ambassador to Ethiopia who was very instrumental in bringing thousands of Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

Among the topics to be discussed are problems in acclimatization for Ethiopian Jewry; the younger generation and their attitude towards their parents' culture; affirmative action in absorption for Ethiopian Jewry; and more.

The convention will conclude with a panel discussion summarizing 30 years of Aliyah from Ethiopia, with the participation of people who were involved in various aspects of absorption of the new olim [immigrants].

It won't be all talk, however. Paintings and art works, traditional foods and musical instruments, games and literature will be on display, and videos portraying heroic Aliyah treks from Ethiopia to Israel will be screened.

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