Arafat, 65, a cousin or nephew of the late arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat, was the former commander of Palestinian Authority military intelligence. In July 2004, PLO founder Arafat appointed Moussa as head of Gaza Police, but two days later the appointment was overturned - because the Gazan public rose up against Moussa's corruption. This past April, Abu Mazen deposed him from his chief military intelligence position for the same reason.

Early this morning (Wednesday), more than one mortar shell was fired at Arafat's house, which was then stormed by dozens of Arabs. The mob forced Arafat to the street, where they shot him to death. He was evacuated to a Gaza hospital, but doctors said he was dead on arrival. Rumors that his son was kidnapped by the mob could not immediately be confirmed or disproved.

Moussa Arafat narrowly escaped death at least twice in other attempts on his life. A car bomb exploded near his convoy in Gaza City in October of last year, while the year before, a rocket was fired at his office.

An Israeli official said in May 2003 that members of the PA's Military Intelligence, headed by Moussa Arafat, carried out the two drive-by murders of Gideon Lichterman and Tzion David that occurred during that period.

Yesterday evening, an Arab mob stoned soldiers guarding mostly-abandoned N'vei Dekalim and tried to overrun the area. One Arab was killed and several were wounded in the process by IDF fire. This was the first direct Israeli-Arab clash since the disengagement.

Two Kassam rockets were fired last night at an open area in northern Gaza. Earlier yesterday, an Israeli civilian suffered moderate leg injuries when terrorists threw three hand grenades at Jews working near the Egyptian-Israeli border.

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