The detainees were arrested taking a last stand on the roof of a synagogue, as expulsion forces were rounding up recalcitrant residents.

Ze’ev said that reports that the detainees allegedly threw acid on expulsion forces were false. “I was on that roof in Kfar Darom,” said Ze’ev. “A half a pail of that water which they called acid, was spilled.”

“My eyes also hurt,” added Ze’ev. “But it stopped with a little water.” “It’s clear that it wasn’t acid,” he said. “Acid doesn’t come off with water.”

Ze’ev said the people on the synagogue roof were there out of “faith,” not because “they wanted to fight” with IDF troops. Therefore, “they should be pardoned,” he said.

Ze’ev said that the issue of granting a pardon was raised on Monday at a meeting of the Interior Committee of the Knesset.

Ze’ev characterized the Kfar Darom detainees as “devoted lovers of Israel who have undergone a difficult trauma.” He said they should be viewed as “fighting for the land of Israel.”

“We must make an effort to release them from jail,” he said.

Tests conducted at Soroka hospital in Beer Sheva indicate that acid was not spilled on expulsion forces, but a dye diluted in water. According to a report on the Voice of Israel, a hospital spokesman said the liquid did not endanger the expulsion forces.

The Israeli media originally reported that the liquid endangered the lives of soldiers who were exposed to it.