Some 40 families of Bdolach - a farming community in southern Gush Katif, next door to Atzmonah - were expelled from their homes during the course of last week. They were taken to the Royal Hotel on the Dead Sea beach, where they spent the Sabbath. Last night, they were informed, that they have to leave once again, because of the many guests expected to arrive today.

"Where to this time?" they asked - but no one had an answer. The town of Beit El, north of Jerusalem, invited them to spend the coming days until the beginning of the school year in the girls' high school. "Thank you very much," said Yoram, the chairman of the secretariat of Bdolach, "but the people want to be close to Nitzan, where most of them have temporary caravilot."

Only this morning did it become clear that a place had been found for them in a Be'er Sheva hotel. "But it's not only the uncertainty," Yoram said. "It's the idea of packing up once again for yet another temporary location."

The people of Bdolach tried to fight the decree, but did not succeed. The 40 families will therefore make their way to Be'er Sheva later this morning. Among them, 32-35 families are signed up for new caravilot in Nitzan, near Ashkelon, but many of these temporary houses are not ready.

And after Nitzan? "We have no idea," Yoram said.

To sum up: From Bdolach to the Dead Sea, from there to Be'er Sheva, from there to Nitzan whenever the new pre-fabs are ready and/or whenever the containers with their belongings will be brought there, and from there at some future date to an uknown location.

The people of Netzer Hazani, as well, had a hard time last night. After arriving in the Hispin guest house in the Golan Heights, they were informed last night that they would have to move - just a few hundred meters away, to the nearby yeshiva. Once again, they packed up their few belongings and made their way to a new location, where they will remain until Sept. 1.

It is possible that they will be housed together for the coming years in Ein Tzurim, but the homes there will not be ready for several months. Between Sept. 1 and then, therefore, no solution has been readied for them.