As Kassam rockets continue to fall within Israel's pre-1967 borders, security forces are scrambling to develop a plan to protect towns bordering Gaza following the planned withdrawal.

Four Kassam rockets landed overnight Wednesday and Thursday morning in Sderot and in open areas in the western Negev. The Red Dawn system went off in Sderot, alerting residents to seek shelter. No injuries or damage were reported.

The semi-successful "Red Dawn" early warning system, which has usually given Sderot residents just over a minute's warning that a rocket has been fired at their town, has now been installed in other cities and towns within firing range of Gaza.

The installation of the Red Dawn system in the major city of Ashkelon, reported by local Ashkelon residents who noticed antennae being erected throughout the city months ago, has now been confirmed. In expectation of sustained rocket attacks following a withdrawal from Gaza, the IDF Home Front Command and the local municipality have installed the system in the hope that it will save the lives of residents of the densely populated city.

Ashkelon is home to one of Israel's most important power stations (pictured above), which can be viewed clearly from Gaza.

There is widespread concern among the security establishment that it is only a matter of time until Gaza terrorists obtain Katyusha-type missiles similar to those possessed by the Hizbullah terror group in Lebanon, placing a large chunk of the Jewish State within firing range as well.

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