The shirts are to be worn at the Israel Day Parade this Sunday and the subsequent concert. "The goal is to flood the area with orange in support of our brethren in Gush Katif," say the organizers. Participating communities include Lawrence, Woodmere, Passaic, Teaneck, Bergenfield, Monsey, Engelwood, Edison/Highland Park, Brooklyn, Milford and Manhattan. For more information, contact "" or "". reports that Rabbi David Druckman, Chief Rabbi of Kiryat Motzkin and a strongly vocal opponent of the disengagement plan, plans to move to Gush Katif tomorrow.

The plan is for Rabbi Druckman to move tomorrow to the recently re-populated Palm Beach Hotel in Gush Katif, and for his family to follow him after the Shavuot holiday, two weeks from now. The rabbi said that his purpose is to show a personal example and solidarity with the residents. Asked how long he plans to be there, he said, "Until the fury passes."

Asked how he will be able to fulfill his duties as Rabbi of Kiryat Motzkin, he said, "Gush Katif is not on the dark side of the moon, but rather here in Israel, and during the week I will be both in Kiryat Motzkin and in my new home." He said that mayors all around the country travel every month on vacations in Israel and abroad, and no one raises any question marks. "If there is an urgent need, I can be back in Kiryat Motzkin in two and a half hours. It's easy to talk; the trick is also take action."

Several terror attacks were directed at Gush Katif since yesterday: a shooting towards Rafiah Yam, an anti-tank rocket that caused damage near Rafiah, a mortar shell that exploded after midnight in Ganei Tal, and rocks thrown by Arabs at hothouses in Ganei Tal. No one was hurt in these incidents.