Dozens of senior IDF reserve officers convened in Tel Aviv last night for the founding session of an anti-disengagement movement named New Spirit. The theme of the evening was, "The Disengagement: A Security Danger to Israel."

"Israel is on its way to telling terrorism at the end of the day, 'You're the winner,' Gen. Yaakov Amidror, ex-Deputy Head of IDF Intelligence, told the assembled. Amidror, who delivered the opening address even though he did not formally join the organization, said, "There is no way to stop a Kassam rocket from a place where you are not deployed."

Arutz-7's correspondent Haggai Huberman noted that while a large proportion of the officers were religious, one-quarter were not. Among those who addressed the reserve officers were Col. Moshe Hager, Col. Moti Yogev, and ex-GSS senior official Menachem Landau.

Speaking on public radio yesterday morning, Landau explained that withdrawing unilaterally from Gaza places Judea and Samaria in danger.

Former Deputy Shabak (GSS) Director Yisrael Hason said that the disengagement is not merely a "security danger" to Israel, as the theme was formulated, "but rather an existential danger." He warned that if implemented, the withdrawal would determine that terrorism has won, thus placing Israel in direct danger of such a strategy in the future.

Yehorav Gal, a still-active reserve navigator in the Israel Air Force, called upon the officers to be politically active to topple Sharon as Prime Minister. "Only strong political force will thwart this plan," he said.