A timetable for the uprooting of Jews from Gaza shows that the process will begin not in nine months' time, as this week's Cabinet decision indicated, but rather in two months.

According to the document, prepared by the National Security Council, the first Jews will be able to leave Gaza voluntarily as early as August of this year. They will be promised as-yet unspecified compensation at a future date.

Within the next several weeks, government adjusters will begin arriving in Gush Katif to assess property and values.

The next stage will begin in November of this year, with those who choose to leave between then and July 2005 receiving financial compensation on the spot.

The third phase - the actual expulsion - will be more difficult. On August 15, 2005, according to the National Security Council document, the IDF will declare the entire Gush Katif area a "closed military zone." During this period, only residents, suppliers and media will be allowed to enter. This situation will continue until Sept. 1, when the security forces are scheduled to begin the forced expulsion of the Jews from Gaza.

The timetable specifies Friday, Sept. 30 as the day on which Israel will cease all presence in Gaza.

The plan is based, of course, on the assumption that the withdrawal plan will be given final Cabinet approval several months from now, as called for in this week's government vote.

The uprooting of the 25 Jewish towns in Gaza and northern Shomron is supposed to be approved in four separate stages, beginning in February or March 2005; the timetable does not address this point. Neither is it clear how the timetable is to be implemented in the northern Shomron.

The document was presented to the relevant government ministries yesterday. Though Prime Minister Sharon's Bureau responded to the news of the timetable by saying, "The Prime Minister has not yet approved the schedule," it is clear that the process will begin much faster than implied by this past Sunday's Cabinet decision.

In response, Gaza Coast Regional Council spokesman Eran Sternberg said, "The lawyers and adjusters would be advised to immediately stop their work, which is the result of a dictatorial and illegal decision. If they come here, let them not expect to be greeted with roses. Too many people paid the ultimate price for the merit of living here, and they will not simply watch them [the property assessors] passively."

National Union MK Aryeh Eldad said today, "Sharon, Prime Minister of a minority government, is not stopping at red - not even at the red line that he himself agreed on with his Cabinet. He is mocking Netanyahu, Shalom, Livnat and Orlev, and is spitting in the face of his voters. If the ministers and Knesset don't stop him, he will run over us all."

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