MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union) submitted a Knesset bill today (Sunday) forbidding burial on the Temple Mount. There have been reports recently that Yassir Arafat intends to be buried there in order to strengthen the Arab claim to Judaism’s holiest site. “I intend to prevent the transformation of the Temple Mount into a Palestinian national site,” Eldad said.

MK Eldad submitted the proposed law, which also prohibits burial within Jerusalem’s Old City, in response to increasing reports that Yassir Arafat intends to be buried on the Temple Mount - in a final attempt, according to Eldad, “to strengthen the Arab hold on Judaism’s holiest site.”

“This law is intended to prevent this severe act,” explained MK Eldad, adding that already an Arab family claiming ownership to a burial plot along the western wall of the Temple Mount is prepared to hand it over to Arafat.

MK Eldad explained that, “Jewish tradition from the Second Temple period has even forbidden burial within the walls of the Old City. The only exceptions were the Jewish residents of the Old City killed during the War of Independence.”

MK Eldad added, “The Arab occupiers are attempting to bury their dead within the Old City walls and on the Temple Mount as a means of creating political and religious facts on the ground in Jerusalem.”

“I propose,” said MK Eldad, “that just as many Jews want to be buried in the land of their fathers, having their bodies brought to Israel for burial, Yassir Arafat should be returned to Egypt, his homeland, for burial.”

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