Israeli companies have had impressive international successes of late, with several firms selected to fulfill the needs of public, semi-public and private organizations in France, Sweden, Britain and the United States.

France’s Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie des Travailleurs Salari?s, the health branch of the French social security system, will soon be using high-speed digital printing machines produced by the Tel Aviv-based Scitex Corporation. The $30 million contract includes manufacture, supply and maintenance of Scitex’s unique systems and will be implemented over a period of five years. The French government tender went to Scitex, which competed against IBM, Xerox, and the Dutch OCA, for the second time in five years. The contract was closed with the US-based Scitex subsidiary company, Scitex Digital Printing. One of the company’s directors said that Scitex won the contract thanks to the fact that it is “the only company that has a digital solution for printing forms in color.”

The Raanana-based Retalix corporation was selected by leading retail chains in both England and Sweden to provide software systems to manage price, inventory and customer databases. The tenders are worth 5 million Euro. The new Retalix customers include the 500 outlets of the Sainsbury chain, as well as its 230 gas stations, in England. Retalix already supplies its software to the largest British chain, Tesco. Retalix will also be installing its software in the 320 branches of Pressbyran, the largest Swedish Kiosk Chain (convenience stores), headquartered in Stockholm.

Across the “pond”, in the United States, the US Air Force has contracted Tat Technologies, another Israeli firm, to provide the corps with $5 million worth of repair services for temperature changers in F-16 aircraft. Global Jewish Agenda also noted that Tat is on the verge of closing a deal with the American aircraft manufacturer Lockheed-Martin. That agreement, if concluded could be worth $12 million annually. Tat Technologies has also signed a $12 million contract with an American air conditioning systems manufacturer.