"We are taking steps towards opening the Temple Mount to Jews." So said Jerusalem Police Chief Mickey Levy today, at a small ceremony in honor of the approaching Independence Day celebrations. He said that because of the sensitivity of the matter, he could not specify what steps are being taken.

Several months ago, Levy said that after the war Iraq, the Temple Mount - Judaism's holiest site - could be opened to Jews, after having been closed to them since the onset of the Oslo War in Sept. 2000. The Yesha Rabbis Council reminded Levy of his words last week, and today responded with appreciation to Levy's statement: "We congratulate him and hope that this black stain upon Israel's independence will soon be removed. The test is in deeds, and not in words."

"There is a wide perception that the Western Wall is Judaism's holiest site," recently explained Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovich, Rabbi of the Western Wall and Jewish Holy Sites. Actually, however, "the holiness of the Wall is derived exclusively from the fact that it is a remnant of the Temple Mount - which is truly the Jewish people's holiest site."