Yoram Skolnick was released from prison this morning. After spending nearly eight years in prison for killing a Palestinian terrorist - who was tied up at the time - the Supreme Court decided this morning to uphold a Parole Board decision to release him in light of his having served 2/3 of his sentence. He will not be permitted to live in Judea and Samaria, must deposit a bank guarantee, and participate in a treatment program. In addition, he must report weekly to the police. The judges, who voted 4-3 to reject the appeal against the release, took into consideration the fact that the procedure had been very drawn-out - an earlier Parole Board decision to release him last year was overturned - and that Skolnick had served eight months more than 2/3 of his sentence. In addition, it was noted that the GSS had reversed its decision of last year and determined that he no longer presented a \"danger to the public.\"

Skolnick was convicted of killing a tied-up terrorist - who had been apprehended minutes before for attacking a Jew - during a severe wave of terrorist attacks in March 1993. Arutz-7 research has found that during that week, two Yesha residents were murdered at the Eli junction in the Shomron, a soldier was murdered near Alei Zahav, and another was murdered near the Jibalya refugee camp. Moreover, one day prior to Skolnick\'s crime, a terrorist successfully penetrated the ORT-Canada school in Jerusalem, and stabbed and wounded five students before being apprehended. Then-Prime Minister Rabin declared at the time that the knife attack \"should have ended differently\" - indicating that the terrorist should have been killed on the spot. Rabin also called on all citizens \"to take personal responsibility for the maintenance of security.\" The next day, Skolnick found himself standing guard over the terrorist who had just attempted an attack upon a friend of his. He later explained that he saw the terrorist - who had been wanted by the GSS for two years - make a threatening move, and in fact, the terrorist was later found to be carrying a hand grenade.