A day after deciding to allow the publication of a video showing her daughter in captivity, Orly Gilboa, the mother of abducted IDF lookout Daniella Gilboa, spoke with Arutz Sheva-Israel National News about the decision.

When Hamas originally released the video in January, Daniella's parents refused to allow the Israeli media to publish it, however, this week, half a year later, they decided to share it. "We understand that it's a critical time for both sides, Israel and Hamas, to go with full force into a deal, the Israeli deal that is on the table. We feel that this video can make it more realistic, to see Daniella from Gaza. To understand that she's there, to see her, to hear what she's saying. Orly explains.

"I'm sure Hamas told her to say these things, but when I hear her today, I understand that it's exactly what needs to be said. She's asking Israel to bring her home. She filmed the film after three months, today, after nine months, I'm sure she's screaming for us to save her."

Orly goes back to when Hamas released the video: "It was very hard for me to see this film when it was published. Actually, until yesterday, I saw it only once because I couldn't see her in this position, knowing that she's still there. Yesterday with all the interviews that I gave and the publication of the film in the media, I accidentally could hear the things she was saying and it was very difficult to hear her. I didn't see because I looked away from the screen, but hearing her was hard enough. Knowing that she is begging for her life, for us to save her and it still hasn't happened."

She says that her activism for the hostages' release is what keeps her going. "Three or four days after October 7th, I made a decision that I'm not staying at home, I needed to do something to feel that I have any influence on the situation. Since then I have been in constant motion, I'm doing things, I'm active in Hostages Families Forum, I'm doing press, I'm doing everything that I feel that I can do. I don't have all the power, I'm not the decision-maker, but we meet a lot with the decision-makers, with the Prime Minister, the President, a lot of ministers, everyone that has any connection the situation. We are trying to influence in our own way."

Orly describes her activism: "In the beginning, we would tell the story so people understand, who the people behind the names and numbers are. Today, I feel that everyone knows Daniella, so we now demand action and a deal. These days we're telling everyone that we must do this deal."

Nine months on, Orly shares the new concern that has arisen regarding her daughter, and other women in Hamas captivity: "Nine months is very symbolic, nine months for a mother is the time that you deliver your child, it's a time for happiness, for new beginnings. However, unfortunately, in this situation, we understand that as a young girl in captivity, there could be very serious results because we know that there were testimonies of rape and sexual abuse, both on October 7th and in captivity. Girls came back and said that there was rape and sexual abuse in captivity. For me as a mother, it's very hard to think what could happen in nine months."

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