Prayer at Kotel
Prayer at KotelCourtesy

* Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

“Shalom Sivan, my name is Anat Meir. My husband, Captain David Meir, fell in battle at Kibbutz Be’eri on Simchat Torah. If someone had told me prior to October 7th that I would lose my other half, I would have said that I would never get out of bed again and that I would be done with God.

But then it happened. I lost what was most precious to me and yet today I somehow manage to get out of bed in the morning. And somehow my faith only gets stronger and my perspective on life has changed too.

I never imagined that my name would be seen on an announcement publicizing a mass gathering of women to pray for unity and redemption, or that I would be speaking about the mashiach. And I have a feeling that there are many who would identity with me, including those who have not suffered a personal loss. None of us are the same today as we were before.

Initially, I thought maybe I was crazy, trying to hold on to whatever I could since I had lost my entire life. But then I understood differently since I knew that my faith was profound and real. I raised my head, read and studied, and could not believe that everything that happened and will happen is written, that when prophecies of destruction come true, it is a sign that prophecies of redemption are sure to come.

I understand nothing except that something is happening here that is much bigger than us, something impossible to understand and yet full of hope for the future. It has been promised that, in the end, beautiful and perfect days will come, full of light more brilliant than anything we could ever imagine.

Let’s not sugarcoat reality. The road to a glorious future is hard and all of us know this. There were great tzadikim who did not want to live in our generation since they knew this would be a difficult time in every respect. And so we, a generation of elevated souls, are privileged to be alive today during this momentous time.

No, we do not have any idea how and when this will happen since we have no inkling of God’s plans, but in the air we can smell that something uniquely extraordinary is taking place. And so I, who never would have imagined nine months ago that I would write something like this, am asking you to join us in prayer.

Women's prayer for Redemption at the Kotel
Women's prayer for Redemption at the KotelCourtesy of the organizers

All women are invited to come or to pray wherever you are. All of us want peace, tranquility, security, and clarity, and I have no doubt that our prayers have an extremely powerful impact. It is said that in the merit of righteous women Israel was redeemed from Egypt. And it is also said that in the merit of righteous women, we will be redeemed once again.”