Zahaviצילום: Courtesy of the family
Nine orphans are now sitting shiva in the tranquil community of Kochav Yaakov after their mother gave up her life to save them.
But they are in unfamiliar surroundings - the home of a local acquaintance who is graciously hosting the family while they sit shiva. The Zahavis' entire apartment was ravaged by a blaze that eventually claimed their mother Adina's life, a"h.
Aryeh Zahavi describes his wife Adina's efforts to save her children, only hours before she succumbed to smoke inhalation:
"She fought like a lion. She wasn't prepared to give up on even one of the children; and with her failing strength she went back into the burning house - again and again - through the smoking rooms, in order to pull our children out.”
Now those very children need your help. 9 children young children between the ages of 1 and 16. They have no clothes, no shoes, no books or toys. They have nowhere to live permanently and nothing to furnish a home.
After the shiva, where will they go?
They have lost their mother, and everything they own - and they need your help now. Adina a"h gave her life to save them. This is your chance to finish what she started.