Syrian sources on Wednesday evening reported an air strike on the outskirts of Damascus.

The reports said that the country's air defense systems had been activated following the strike.

Sources in Syria identified with the regime and the opposition attributed the attack to Israel.

The strike took place in the town of Sayyidah Zaynab, where there is extensive activity by pro-Iranian militias, members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Hezbollah terrorist organization.

The Syrian army reported that shortly before midnight, the Israel Air Force launched an attack from the direction of the Golan Heights against several targets in the south of the country.

The army also claimed that two Syrians were killed, a soldier was injured, and property was damaged. It added that the air defense systems intercepted some of the missiles.

Sources identified with the opposition said the strike targeted a structure belonging to the pro-Iranian militias.

Another report said that, near the time of the strike in Damascus, a radar position of the Syrian army was struck in As-Suwayda.

Last Friday night, Arab-language media reported an air strike in Al Bukamal in Syria, located near the border with Iraq.

Explosions were heard in the area following the strike.

Al-Arabiya TV reported that the strike targeted what was described as “military headquarters”. Other reports said a weapons truck was attacked as well.

Earlier this month, an Iranian military adviser was killed in an alleged Israeli strike in the Aleppo region of Syria.

In May, Syrian media reported that eight Syrian soldiers were injured in air strikes that targeted a building in the Damascus area and which were attributed to Israel.