Sergeant Major (SGM) Mohammad El Atrash
Sergeant Major (SGM) Mohammad El AtrashIDF Spokesperson

It was cleared for publication this evening (Monday) that Sergeant Major (SGM) Mohammad El Atrash, 39, a resident of Mulada from the Al-Atrash tribe and a soldier in the Bedouin Trackers Unit in the Northern Brigade of the Gaza Division, was killed on October 7 and his body is being held hostage by a terrorist organization.

El Atrash engaged in combat with Hamas terrorists on October 7. In December, the IDF confirmed that he had been abducted to Gaza.

In the last few days, in light of new intelligence information, the IDF confirmed that El Atrash was killed and his body is being held in Gaza. His family has been informed.

The Hostages Families Forum released a statement saying that the organization "bows its head in sorrow and with a heavy heart following the confirmation that Sergeant Major Mohammad El Atrash fell in battle on October 7th, and his body was subsequently abducted to Gaza by Hamas terrorists."

"The Families Forum will continue to support and stand by the family during this difficult time and until his remains are returned to Israel.

"Mohammad El Atrash (39) is survived by two wives and 13 children.

"The media is kindly requested to refrain from contacting the family during this challenging period and to respect their privacy."