A destroyed home in Metula
A destroyed home in MetulaYossi Aloni/Flash90

Yossi Levit, a farmer and the security coordinator of Metula, northern Israel, discussed the two rapid-response squad members who were wounded on Sunday by Hezbollah anti-tank fire.

"We had a difficult night. Residents came to Metula, the day before there were big fires in our neighborhood on the mountain which was hit by an anti-tank missile and we came to put them out. Two houses completely burned down and all that was left were the shelters. The families wanted to come and take their things. When the incident occurred, two families went up, we were hit by an antitank missile, and two of our guys were wounded, one seriously and one lightly," he described the incident. "These are our friends, we've been together for eight months," Levit told 103 FM.

He noted that a diplomatic deal on the border would cause many of the residents not to return to their homes. "If there's a deal, and we know how well they fulfill deals, then I believe that 50% of the residents will return, after what happened on October 7th. Young mothers and fathers won't sleep at night if their children are in Metula. I'm a farmer, I have my own land, so I'll come back, but there are families who I know won't return unless Hezbollah is 15 KM away from us."