Zohar Farm in the Jordan Valley
Zohar Farm in the Jordan ValleyElhanan Gruner

Zohar Sabah, the owner of a farm near the settlement of Mevo'ot Yericho, was attacked by Arabs and extreme left-wing activists who incited the situation while he was herding his flock near the Uja Springs.

Sabah immediately alerted the security forces while trying to protect his flock, which the Arabs and extreme left-wing activists tried to drive away during the attack. Upon the arrival of the IDF forces at the scene, a count of the flock revealed that 18 sheep had been stolen.

With the assistance of police forces that also responded to the incident, IDF forces began searching, and after about an hour, eight of the stolen sheep were found hidden in several pens in a camp, with most of the sheep and goats still bearing their identification tags. The remaining ten sheep have not yet been found.

During the searches, the IDF forces arrested three suspects from the village of Uja al-Fauqa for the attack and detained four extreme left-wing activists involved in the incident for questioning.

This is not the first time that Sabah's farm has been a target for attacks and violent provocations. Just last year, Arabs twice stole sheep from the farm's flock, which were found after prolonged searches in nearby Bedouin camps, and several times the shepherds were attacked by Arabs and activists visiting the farm's grazing areas.