Amnon Mukhtar
Amnon MukhtarCourtesy of the family

Amnon Mukhtar, 67 years old from Petah Tikva, has been named as the Israeli who was shot dead earlier on Saturday in Qalqiliya.

Mukhtar is survived by five children, one of whom celebrated his wedding just two months ago. He also owned a vegetable stand in the Petah Tikva market.

Nir, Mukhtar's son, said, "He was an amazing father and grandfather. He was a righteous man who was murdered by terrorists. It's obvious to us that this was a terror attack."

According to Nir, his father "loved to walk around there, he knew the people there. Everyone loved him and he would help everyone, it's a tragedy that it ended this way, he didn't think this is what they'd do to him there."

"He wouldn't hurt anyone, and he always helped those in need," Nir added.

Etty, Amnon's wife, said, "He was murdered only because he was a Jew. He was a pure soul. We raised five wonderful children."