Following an attack on the office of Jewish Australian MP Josh Burns, the Australian Israel and Jewish Affairs Council's Jamie Hyams spoke with Sky News to claim hat the attack should be considered an act of terror.

"The simple definition of terrorism is the use of illegal violence to achieve political means. No one can argue that the attack on Josh's office wasn't illegal, and no one can argue that it wasn't violent, and it was clearly to achieve political means," he claimed.

This is not the first such incident Australia has witnessed since the war broke out. "We saw horrific scenes at the Sydney Opera House on the night of October the 9th, where the crowd was screaming 'Gas the Jews'. We had riots outside a synagogue in Corfield in November, which forced the synagogue to be evacuated on Friday night. There was horrific graffiti outside the main Jewish school in Melbourne."

"Hyams demands action from local authorities. "More needs to be done about this from the police, from the authorities. The Jewish community can't keep on living in fear as we are. I've never in my lifetime had to feel like my community is living in fear as we are now."

He tackled one common talking point among the Australian authorities. "They're saying they can't can't say antisemitism without saying Islamophobia. Of197 relevant recent complaints, 88 of them were for antisemitism, 16 for Islamophobia, 87 of them were anti-Israel incidents, and 6 were about anti-Palestinian incidents. We need a sense of proportion here."

He also denounced the claim that protesters are not actually antisemitic. "Anti-Zionism is antisemitism. Anti-Zionism means denying the right of the Jewish people to have self-determination in the Jewish homeland, and if you're denying that you're clearly being antisemitic."

Hyams responded to the vandals who attacked Burns' office directly. "The slogan Zionism is fascism is not only antisemitic, but stupid. Israel is the only Middle East country that is not fascist. These people support fascist organizations like Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. It's a complete inversion of reality."

He concluded by recounting his own visit to the massacre sites in southern Israel. "It's very confronting. We saw the 47-minute film of the massacre footage, we saw the sites, we met with survivors. When people wear the Hamas emblem, this is what they're supporting. People are wearing the Hamas emblem are, to my mind, in breach of the Crimes Act and in breach of all morality, and the authorities should do something about it."