Mosab Hassan Yousef
Mosab Hassan Yousefצילום: מארק ישראל סלם / פול / פלאש 90

Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, refuted recent claims that it would be impossible to destroy Hamas because Hamas is an idea.

"I see increasing voices saying Hamas is an idea that can’t be destroyed. This is what I used to think 15 years ago," Yousef wrote on X.

"Hamas depends on the Muslim Brotherhood, Islam, and the human condition. We can’t eradicate it overnight. But we can remove it from power, cut the head, and let the tail die," he explained.

"The Nazis were removed from power and reduced to an idea in the head of a dead man. Whenever it rises it must be killed," the reformed, former terrorist noted.

He demanded: "Stop the lame excuse. The war will not end until justice is delivered and anyone who gets in the way will be destroyed as well."

IDF Spokesman Daniel Hagari caused an uproar on Wednesday when he said in an interview with Channel 13 that "saying that it's possible to destroy Hamas and to make it disappear is to throw dust into the public's eyes."

He explained that "Hamas is an idea. "Whoever thinks that it's possible to make it disappear is mistaken. It's the Muslim Brotherhood."

The IDF Spokesperson later issued a clarification in which it stated: "The IDF Spokesman discussed the destruction of Hamas as an ideology and an idea, and he said that clearly. Any claim otherwise is taking his words out of context."