Anti-Israel Protests in New York
Anti-Israel Protests in New YorkREUTERS

New York Police have launched a manhunt for a pro-Palestinian activist who was recorded in the city's subway demanding along with his friends that "Zionists identify themselves."

The New York Post provided documentation published on social media showing the pro-Palestinian inciter shouting in the middle of the car with other Israel-haters beside him echoing his messages.

"Raise your hands if you are Zionists. This is your chance to get out," called the pro-Palestinian, and after no one raised their hands, he added, "No Zionists, we're good."

Posters with the suspect's photograph have been put up throughout New York, calling on passersby to help locate him and contact the police so that he can be arrested for questioning.

A source in the New York Police said that the man, once arrested, will be charged with committing a hate crime.