Humanitarian aid from the Gaza pier
Humanitarian aid from the Gaza pierIDF spokesperson

The US military’s on-again, off-again floating pier in Gaza is expected to resume operations on Thursday to unload humanitarian aid for Palestinian Arabs, two US officials told Reuters on Wednesday.

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the pier had been re-attached to the shore on Wednesday after being temporarily removed last Friday due to poor sea conditions.

The pier was only operational for a week before a storm broke it apart. Before it broke apart, the pier had been gradually increasing aid movement each day.

Last week, US officials said that the aid pier will be detached from Gaza’s coast for a second time due to rough seas.

Wednesday’s announcement came a day after The New York Times reported that the US pier has failed in its mission and may cease operations weeks ahead of schedule.

President Joe Biden, in his State of the Union address in March, announced the plans for the temporary pier on the coast of Gaza that would receive large shipments carrying food, water, medicine and temporary shelter and provide aid to the Strip.

A day later, Biden said that Israel will provide security for the port he plans to build off the coast of Gaza that would provide aid to the Strip.