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The United Nations Human Rights Council is holding a discussion today (Wednesday) on a report accusing both Israel and Hamas of war crimes.

Professor Anne Bayefsky, the Director of the Touro Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust and President of Human Rights Voices, spoke at the hearing and accused the council of engaging in antisemitism in its report by creating a moral parity between Israel and Hamas though the downplaying of Hamas's atrocities and the demonization of Israel.

"The Inquiry report is a case-study in antisemitism," Professor Bayefsky said. "Antisemites deny Jews the right of self-defense. Your report never mentions Israel’s UN Charter right to self-defense."

"Antisemites conceal crimes against Jews. Your 20-page summary never mentions the tunnels built to torture and kill Jews.

"Antisemites devalue Jewish suffering. Your report refuses to “verify” Palestinian rape and sexual torture of Jews – despite the perverts’ own broadcasts and Patten’s verification.

"Antisemites falsify law. Your report damns Israel for the 'numbers of casualties' ignorant of the numbers of combatants killed and Hamas’s military use of civilian objects.

"Antisemites cover-up their crimes. Your report refuses to demand Hamas 'cease the practice' of using Palestinians as 'human shields.'

"Antisemites blame Jews for harm to Jews. Your report blames Israel for the death of hostages brave Israelis tried to save.

"Antisemites deny Jewish self-determination. Your report calls the creation of the Jewish state a catastrophe.

"Antisemites excuse and justify horrors against Jews. Your report says what Hamas did on October 7th – using Jewish women’s sexual organs for target practice, beheadings, binding and burning Jewish children alive – 'must be seen in context.'

"Your report says that context isn’t Jew hatred, because antisemites don’t admit their racism. They project it onto their targets and deny it.

"In short, the shoe fits," she concluded.