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Eight IDF soldiers were killed Saturday in Rafah, after their APC drove over an explosive device and caught fire.

The incident took place near the Rafah "refugee camp."

Thus far, only one of the soldiers' names has been published: Captain Wassem Mahmoud, 23 years old from Beit Jann. Mahmoud served as deputy company commander in Engineering Battalion 601.

It has not yet been decided when his funeral will take place.

The IDF has updated the families of the other soldiers, whose names are not yet cleared for publication.

The tragedy took place at approximately 5:15a.m. The engineering force, which was working together with a Givati Brigade battalion, fought togther with them overnight. On the way to their destination, a large explosion occurred, apparently without shots being fired beforehand. The armored vehicle, which was the fifth or sixth traveling the route, went up in flames due to an explosive device. It is not yet clear whether the device was placed on the ground or attached to the vehicle.

The vehicle burned for an extended amount of time, and rescuers could not reach it for approximately two hours. Afterwards, it was dragged to a safe place.