The suspect in action
The suspect in actionPolice Spokesperson

An indictment was submitted on Thursday against a Jerusalem resident who broke into a wig shop in the city and caused hundreds of thousands of shekels in damage out of ideological motives.

The incident occurred a few weeks ago and the owner submitted a report to the police. Upon receiving the report, the Lev Habira station in the Jerusalem District opened an investigation to identify and locate the suspected perpetrator, who was caught on surveillance cameras at the scene.

According to the findings of the investigation and the indictment, during the early morning hours of May 24th, the suspect broke into the business.

After entering, the suspect damaged dozens of wigs, spraying them with paint and cutting them, and then fled the scene. According to the owner's estimations, the suspect caused over half a million shekels in damages.

The suspect, who was arrested by detectives, was taken for questioning at the Lev Habira station in Jerusalem. His detention was extended by the court to complete the needed actions in his case.

Chief Superintendent Lior Ben-Shalom, the investigations and intelligence officer at the Lev Habira station, said of the case: "This suspect acted through ideological motives that he believes in which prohibit the use of wigs by haredi women, and carried out criminal acts by breaking into a business and causing substantial damage. Our investigation efforts, which began immediately after receiving the report about the incident, bore fruit after we carried out various investigatory actions to locate and arrest him. The detectives from the Lev Habira station arrested the suspect and the station investigators managed to gather an evidential basis which led to the indictment against him."