Jerusalem's Old City
Jerusalem's Old CityIsrael Police

A reservist in an elite IDF unit who was on leave opened fire on Wednesday in the Old City of Jerusalem during an encounter with a 25-year-old Arab man. The Arab was severely wounded by the gunfire and was taken to Shaare Tzedek Medical Center for treatment.

Initial investigations found that an argument broke out between two active duty soldiers, two reservists, another civilian, and several Arabs.

The soldier who opened fire was a reservist who had left the Gaza Strip and had received a medal from the IDF Chief of Staff for an operation in Jenin.

The police stated that "until now there is no suspicion of indication of a terror-related incident. With this, according to one of the soldiers who fired, during the incident, he felt threatened and this claim will be examined in the investigation. The four individuals involved were taken to the David Precinct. Due to the involvement of soldiers in the incident, a report was sent to the Military Police investigations department."

MDA EMT Shiloh Karmon related: "We saw two wounded individuals suffering from penetration wounds. We provided medical care including bandages and medication and evacuated them in an intensive care ambulance to the hospital. In addition, we evacuated an additional individual in light condition with bruises."