Police officers at Maoz Esther
Police officers at Maoz EstherCourtesy

Civil Administration inspectors escorted by hundreds of policemen arrived at the hill of Maoz Esther in Binyamin on Monday morning and used heavy equipment to uproot the orchard of fruit trees that was planted by the late Ahuvya Sandak, who was killed in a police chase in 2020, and others, five years ago.

Large police forces were deployed throughout the nearby community of Kochav Hashar to prevent the arrival of residents who wanted to protest against the destruction.

At the same time, a closed military area order was imposed on the area and police officers were stationed to prevent the entry of any civilians into the areas of Kochav Hashachar and the nearby hills.

The destruction was carried out after the State informed the High Court, in a petition submitted by Arabs from the neighboring village, that it would uproot the orchard within 180 days, subject to operational considerations.

"We woke up this morning and were shocked to see the destruction and devastation," residents of Givat Maoz Esther lamented. "Hundreds of black-clad policemen were marching up to the hill, just to uproot a fruit tree orchard that was planted 5 years ago by Ahuvya Sandak and other boys, who were some of the founders of this community. The fact that Arabs murder Jews and then inherit their land echoes here this morning very loudly. The fact that in the midst of a comprehensive war, huge forces are still being stationed to attack Jewish communities shows the complete loss of direction that Israel has found itself in."

"Despite everything, we will continue to hold on to the land and this destruction and harassment will only strengthen our grip on our country. The orchard that was uprooted today will be replanted please God in the coming days and one day we will still enjoy its fruits," residents of Givat Maoz Esther concluded.