IDF strikes terror targets in LebanonIDF Spokesperson's Unit

An IAF aircraft on Sunday struck and eliminated a terrorist cell that fired anti-aircraft missiles toward IDF fighter jets operating above Lebanon, in the area of Tyre.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit stressed that no danger was posed to the fighter jets and no injuries were reported.

On Sunday evening, IAF fighter jets struck a Hezbollah military structure in the area of Chebaa.

Simultaneously, two additional military structures were struck in aerial strikes in the areas of Aitaroun and Markaba, as well as terrorist infrastructure in the area of Aitaroun and a Hezbollah launcher in the area of At Tiri which was used to fire into Israeli territory.

During the day, IDF troops identified terrorists entering a Hezbollah military structure in the area of Houla in southern Lebanon. Following the identification, IDF fighter jets carried out a strike on the military structure.