Governor Dagan (center) at the race
Governor Dagan (center) at the raceSamaria Regional Council

The annual race in memory of Esther Horgan of blessed memory was held in the town of Reihan in the Samaria Regional Council. Hundreds of runners from all over the country participated in the race, who came to pay respect and commemorate the memory of Esther, who was brutally murdered while out running in the Reihan Forest three and a half years ago.

The race, called 'Esterun,' is held every year and organized by the sports department of the Samaria Regional Council's community center. Among the hundreds of runners were also Esther's six children and her husband, Benjamin.

Samaria governor Yossi Dagan, who participated in the race, said: "Esther Horgan was an extraordinary woman, full of love for life and her family. She was a symbol of hope and action, and this race is a way to commemorate her memory and continue her legacy. We continue to fight and protect our home, just as Esther would have done."

Dagan added: "This race is also a call for hope and unity. It is a message of standing firm in the face of any challenge, especially against terrorism that tries to undermine the foundations of our lives. I thank all the participants and volunteers who helped make this event so successful. Our barbaric enemies sanctify death; we sanctify life: building, paving, loving - running in our land. This is our choice of life. Our choice of the victory of life!"

Benjamin Horgan, Esther's husband, said, "The family and I were very moved by the organization and the holding of the event for the third time and the number of people who came to run in Esther's path and in her memory. And we thank everyone who took part in the preparations. We continue the tradition - the annual race is a central event in commemorating Esther and promoting Northern Samaria."