IDU searcher with the rescued scroll
IDU searcher with the rescued scrollIDU

The ongoing search for a missing person in Afula took an unexpected turn last night when volunteers from the Israel Dog Unit, a nonprofit specializing in working dogs, entered an abandoned building as part of the search efforts.

Among the accumulation of litter in the building, the volunteers realized they had found a Torah scroll that had been disrespectfully discarded.

The volunteers immediately collected the scroll and extracted it in a respectful manner. In coordination with the Israel Police, the scroll was taken to a suitable location where its origins could be investigated and it could be determined if the scroll had been stolen.

After the scroll had been recovered, the search for the missing man resumed. 65-year-old Daniel Denan has been missing from Afula since June 2nd and is considered to be in mortal danger due to the extreme heat prevailing in Israel.