IDF soldiers operating in Gaza
IDF soldiers operating in GazaIDF spokesperson

When the fighting increases in Gaza and the tensions in the north worsen and the regular and reserve soldiers have been inside enemy territory for over eight months, it is impossible to ignore the connection between this war and the fateful campaign for the liberation of Jerusalem.

In both cases, our brave soldiers put aside everything they have and what is dearest to them and walked with their heads held high into the battlefield into the unknown and standing firm in the face of tremendous challenges, and prioritizing the defense of our nation above all else, thanks to them we can walk the streets of Jerusalem and thanks to the soldiers who give their lives These days we can continue to live in peace and security in the rest of the country as well.

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This is a fateful war for our future in the Land of Israel and decisive critical moments if we will be here or God forbid it will be our enemies who want to see us in the sea or the river!

While we are used to a sense of security and continue our daily lives, they stop with their bodies the terrorism that tries with all its might to reach us and destroy us, they face face to face with bloodthirsty terrorists and the incessant barrage of rockets and missiles launched by terrorists, and demonstrate unwavering determination in the face of fear . Leaving their homes, families and personal comforts behind, they march selflessly to the front lines, aware that they may never return.

With only essential supplies in their packs, they plunge into the unknown, facing harsh conditions and scant resources to fulfill their mission. While we sleep peacefully, they endure the unforgiving weather and constant threats in the southern and northern regions of Israel.

Now, it's our turn to stand in solidarity with them. Our brave soldiers deserve our full support. We must ensure that they have the necessary equipment to stay warm, healthy and durable in the field.

We call on all of Israel's allies to contribute to our cause. Your generous donations will provide our soldiers with healthy and hot food, appropriate clothing, life-saving equipment and tactical equipment, while maintaining their well-being and effectiveness in the field. Let's honor their sacrifice by ensuring they have the tools they need to protect our homeland.

These heroes give it all for us; Now, let's give back. Together, we can make a significant difference and empower our soldiers to protect our nation with strength and resilience. Join us in supporting our heroes! Your contribution can affect saving lives and shape the results of the operation.

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Thank you for standing with us in unwavering support.