Delayed at Mount Ebal
Delayed at Mount EbalCourtesy

Activists from the "Fighting for Every Meter" forum and residents from the Samaria towns who wanted on Friday morning to ascend as usual for the morning prayer at Joshua's Altar on Mount Ebal, were blocked by IDF forces trying to prevent their arrival at the site. However, they managed to reach the site through side routes.

On their way back, the activists were detained by IDF soldiers claiming they violated a closed military area order that the brigade commander imposed on the altar area. When the activists demanded to see the order, it turned out that it was an old order and was not in effect.

The worshipers accused, "In an outrageous manner and without any visible reason, the soldiers decided to detain the activists on the ground until a new order is issued."

Friday morning's incident comes just three weeks after terrorists planted a powerful explosive device among the stones of the altar, intended to explode on worshipers. The device was discovered in time, and was safely detonated by a bomb disposal expert.

The Forum added, "What we saw this morning is a shameful attempt by the Samaria Brigade commander and the regional commander to prevent Jewish presence at Joshua's altar area and practically abandon it to the hands of murderous terrorists and the Palestinian Authority, which is working hard to turn Mount Ebal ridge into pure Arab land."

"Instead of declaring that in response to the Arab terror events against visitors on the mountain, a permanent Jewish settlement will be established at the site, the general and the brigade commander choose to reward terror and convey a clear and sharp message to the terrorists: continue with the attacks and terror, and it won't be long before you achieve your goal. It seems that even after October 7th, IDF officers have learned nothing and continue exactly with the same concept that brought upon us the massacre."