Rawa Majid
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A sustained intelligence and operational effort by European security and law enforcement agencies, together with the Mossad and ISA, has led to the exposure of a wide range of terrorist infrastructures operating under the auspices of Iran with the intentional aim of bringing about the killing of innocent civilians.

A number of terrorist infrastructures were exposed that were operated by large crime organizations spread throughout Europe, whose heads are briefed for missions and carrying out terror attacks directly from Iran, including against targets and assets identified with Israel.

Thus, for example, in the recent weekend, two hand grenades were thrown in the dead of night at the Israeli embassy in Belgium, with no casualties or damage. This is not the first time since the start of the war in Gaza that we have witnessed the intensifying effort on the part of Iran and its proxies to harm targets associated with the State of Israel, and there is an increase in the scope of the Iranian efforts.

The characteristics of the attempted attack in Belgium, in particular the choice of the Israeli embassy and the evidence discovered at the scene, including the use of a grenade, are similar to the January incident in front of the Israeli embassy in Sweden, in which a grenade was also thrown at the Israeli embassy in Stockholm. No damage was caused because the grenade did not explode.

The incident in Sweden led to the launch of an intensive international investigation involving European intelligence and security agencies. Thanks to the evidence from the crime scene and information obtained from the suspects, the authorities suspected the Swedish crime organization FOXTROT of being behind the activity on behalf of Iran. The FOXTROT organization is the largest criminal organization in Sweden whose members operate extensively in Sweden and other European countries and are responsible, among other things, for murder and drug trafficking on a large scale.

The international investigation also revealed that a highly placed criminal named Rawa Majid, a Swedish citizen of Kurdish origin, who heads the FOXTROT crime organization and is wanted by Interpol, has been under the auspices of Iran for months. He is being directed by Iranian terrorist organizations to promote terrorist attacks against targets in Europe, with emphasis on Israeli and Jewish targets.

Majid, known as the Kurdish Fox, was recruited by Iranian terrorist organizations after he fled to Iran in September 23' from Turkey and managed to evade international law enforcement authorities, including an attempted arrest by Iraqi security forces. The modus operandi of recruiting highly placed criminal elements for terrorist activities is a well-known method of operation of Iranian terrorist organizations, which seek to avoid state-linked terrorism and harm to innocent civilians.

From the ongoing investigation, it became clear that Majid was arrested in Iran by local security forces, and like other criminal elements fleeing the law, he was recruited to work for Iranian terrorist organizations and promote terrorist activities and violence outside Iran in exchange for his release from a long prison sentence in Iran.

Majid has been remotely promoting terrorist attacks across Europe on the basis of the activation of criminal infrastructures and his operatives in the FOXTROT crime organization and others for months. In the face of the terrorist attacks that Majid promotes from Iran, as well as dozens of other terrorist attacks that Iran is leading in order to harm Israeli and Jewish targets abroad, the Mossad is working in partnership with the ISA, the National Security Council, and the security and intelligence agencies around the world in a wide-ranging intelligence and operational effort.

In light of the various events that have been exposed and thwarted, the understanding that the use of proxies, and in particular criminals, is a common method of operation of the Iranian terrorist organizations is strengthening. Sometimes, Iran takes to exploiting conflicts and rivalries between competing crime organizations for the purposes of the terrorism they are truly pursuing.

For example, following a shooting incident at the Israeli embassy in Stockholm on May 17, several young men, some of Iranian origin, were arrested. In the field investigation following the shooting, information was obtained linking the group to a criminal gang called RUMBA, headed by a person named Ismail Abdou, who is known to be the rival of Rawa Majid, the head of the FOXTROT crime organization.

Iran operates many criminal organizations in Sweden and in Europe in general, taking advantage of the relative advantage of each of them and sometimes of their rivalry. In fact, from all the investigations it emerges that these two crime gangs, FOXTROT and RUMBA, are directly responsible for a variety of violent activities and terror promotion in Sweden and throughout Europe, which receive direct funding and guidance from Iran, and that their activities are closely monitored by the security and enforcement agencies in Europe.