The Israel Police and ISA exposed and arrested an ISIS supporter who made contact with representatives of the terrorist organization abroad and intended to carry out terrorist activities following guidance and training.

Under the ISA's direction, at the beginning of the month, a detention order was issued by the Jerusalem District Court against a 22-year-old suspect, a resident of Sawakhreh, on suspicion of membership in a terrorist organization and conspiracy to commit a terrorist act.

After the issuance of the arrest warrant, security forces raided the suspect's home early in the morning and arrested him. After his arrest, he was transferred for investigation.

From his investigation, it emerged that he supports ISIS and tried to join the ranks of the terrorist organization recently. For this purpose, he made contact with ISIS representatives abroad and traveled to Turkey and African countries. According to the suspicion, he intended to train and receive training and guidance for participating in terrorist activities. His plan was thwarted following his arrest.

The suspect's detention was extended by the court. Upon the completion of the investigation, a prosecutor's statement was submitted against him on Wednesday, and his detention was extended again until 2.6.24. In the coming days, the prosecution is expected to file an indictment against him.

Only last month, indictments were filed against ISIS-supporting terrorists who planned to prepare bombs and explosive devices and shoot at a police station and near Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem. The two joined another terrorist who guided them and convinced them to go to terrorist training abroad to train and promote terrorist activities domestically and abroad, but the security forces exposed their intentions and arrested them before they could execute their plans.

At the beginning of this year, terrorist attacks planned by two ISIS-supporting terrorists in East Jerusalem were thwarted. The terrorists, who were charged at the end of their investigation, pledged allegiance to the terrorist organization, purchased chemical materials for preparing bombs, and planned to prepare bombs and explosive devices to carry out attacks targeting civilians and security forces in the Jerusalem area.

A few days earlier, additional indictments were submitted against two other ISIS-supporting terrorists who also planned to carry out terrorist attacks using bombs.