Emmanuel Macron and Mahmoud Abbas
Emmanuel Macron and Mahmoud AbbasReuters

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday he is ready to recognize a Palestinian state, but only following reforms to the Palestinian Authority, CNN reported.

Macron spoke with Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas and offered the “prospect of recognition” if the Palestinian Authority "implements necessary reforms,” according to the Elysee Palace.

The French President also highlighted to Abbas France’s commitment to building a “common vision” and “security guarantees” for Palestinian Arabs and Israelis.

Macron had previously spoken about recognition on Tuesday, saying that “there’s no taboo for France,” and that he was “totally ready to recognize a Palestinian State.”

"I consider that this recognition must come at a useful time, at a time when it is part of a process in which the states of the region and Israel are engaged and which allows, on the basis of a reform of the Palestinian Authority to produce a useful result. I will not make an emotional recognition,” Macron said Tuesday, according to CNN.

Macron’s comments came one day after Spain, Norway and Ireland formally recognized a Palestinian state, following through with a declaration to do so last week.

The PA has long urged countries to recognize “Palestine” as a means of bypassing direct talks with Israel.

While several countries have recognized “Palestine” in recent years, those moves were symbolic ones that have little, if any, actual diplomatic effect.