The scene of the attack
The scene of the attackRescuers Without Borders

Two Israelis were critically wounded in a ramming attack on Wednesday in the Shechem (Nablus) area on Route 5077 near the Jewish town of Itamar. The perpetrator fled the scene.

Following the attack, the terrorist made a U-turn and escaped back to Shechem.

The IDF stated: "IDF soldiers are pursuing the terrorist who carried out a ramming attack at one of the entrances to Nablus and fled the scene."

Aircraft, intelligence collection forces, and special forces are participating in the efforts to search for the terrorist.

Sometime later, the terrorist turned himself in to the security forces.

Rescue teams from Rescuers Without Borders and IDF medical teams tended to the wounded and evacuated them to a hospital.

United Hatzalah EMTs Itiel and Ayala Levi stated: "We were told at the scene that two pedestrians were hit and as a result, they were critically and seriously wounded. We tended to one of the victims whose condition at the moment is critical. An additional victim was evacuated by helicopter and we were told that his condition was severe."

Binyamin Regional Council Head and Yesha Council Chairman Israel Ganz said in response to the attack, "This evening we once again saw how the enemy here in Judea and Samaria seeks our destruction – everywhere, whether in Samaria or in Bat Hefer."

"The answer should be through actions - the government and the IDF must act in the field targeting the foundations of the enemy and against those who support them. We strengthen the hands of the IDF soldiers who work with dedication for the security of the country,” he added.